A Subdivision of Jacket Industries



Jacket Industries, is the cooperation of various peoples that participates in various events and competitions, including SA BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) competition at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas; and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)  Througout each competition, a new division of members is formed, each specializing in a specific field and game. For countless years, this company has created subdivisions that are still productive in every way, from the original Mighty Yellow Jackets to the most recent addition, the SIGMA DRONES, who specialize in the field of Distribution and the Recalling of Defective Products. The SIGMA DRONES are a new and unprecedented force in this company, igniting the company with new ideas and methods, all of which are the best in the world.

We, the SIGMA DRONES, are an elite unit, intent on the importance of Distribution and Recalling of Defective Products. We are lead by our two co-project managers, Kathryn Cadena and Nicolas Hewgley, followed by our Manager of Production, Joshua Edgington, and our Manager of Carlos Trevino. We have met and surpassed  the standards of Jacket Industries, and we are ready for the final task of the SABEST Competition on October 23rd. We are the Elite. We are the Strong. We are SIGMA DRONES.



KENS 5 Pep Rally Photo with (from left to right) Joshua Edgington, Joe Reinagel, Nicolas Hewgley, and Kathryn Cadena

KENS 5 Pep Rally Photo (from left to right) Nicolas Hewgley, Kathryn Cadena, and Stinger

The SIGMA DRONES Production Department (from left to right) Rudy Esparza Jr., Joshua Edgington, Benjamin Bergkamp, and Rolando Luna 


Jacket Industries is the corporation that tailors to all your engineering needs, from building a machine that completes a specific task, creating presentations and various documents to add research and quality to your product, or to market your newly produced product to benefit the community's needs. At Jacket Industries, every product is tested vigorously through various methods especially Six Sigma and is guaranteed to satisfy your needs, or a complete refund including shipping and handling. If you wish to see the products of Jacket Industries, feel free to visit the Buyers page, by clicking here.