MicroMouse Simulator V1.1

Micromouse Simulator was a creation to simplify the task of algorithm simulation and

solving for the Micromouse Competition.

This simulator is capable of solving any 16x16 maze ( fed as input in the form of .maz

files ) , and the Frontend Graphics display the algorithm solving the maze.

This was done as part of the design of the complete Micromouse , which I undertook

with my friend Mohit Bhoite .

This Algorithm implements Bellmans flooding with my customizations to make it

efficient for Maze solving.

I first wrote the Algorithm in C , Then I found that It was getting to be difficult to debug

the same. To simplify Debugging I wrote a Xwindow interface in Linux so I could see

the visual of the algorithm in action.

Fig1 : Screen shot of the Micromouse Simulator ( MSIM) Ver 1


Find below the C code and a README file which gives the details to run the same,

This code can be freely distributed and modified.

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Author : Sachin Surendran