About Me

 I am Sachin. Born in midst of gods own country Kerala.

Electronics fascinated me from the day’s I could remember..

I started of with breaking what was working, 

Curiosity to see within and eagerness to find how things worked

fueled my initial interests, which turned out to be semi destructive hobby.

  These days I work primarily on Linux applications, Device drivers ,Linux Kernel and

Android.  I have a list of projects which I pursue in my spare time (details below) .

I am thrilled by life and am always fascinated by what’s in store. 

I travel a bit and love photography.

My Work & Hobbies

  • HAM Radio

    • I am a Grade I HAM radio Licence Holder ( Call sign: VU2SQH )
    • I have build a 14Mhz Transciever for amateur radio communications, Its called RM96. ( Designed by VU2RM )
  • Micro Mouse

    • A Maze solving Algorithm written in C to solve  MicroMouse Mazes

Author : Sachin Surendran