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National Foreign Language Honor Society


The National Foreign Language Honor Society

Membership in the Foreign Language Honor Society is open to those students who have displayed excellence in the study of languages other than English. Students may apply each year in order to gain acceptance into the society. If academic requirements are met, the students take part in an induction ceremony where they pledge to continue to master their language and expand their cultural awareness of the people who speak the language. Community service is an integral component and inductees must complete community service requirements in order to maintain their status, be eligible for scholarship opportunities and be honored at graduation.

There will be a meeting on Monday 10/24 during 9th period in the Little Theater for anyone that is interested in applying to the Foreign Language Honor Society.

-Students who have completed levels 1 & 2 in French, Italian or Spanish, or level 1 for American Sign Language & have a 93 average in the language studied (NO ROUNDING UP) as well as an 88 overall GPA should attend. If students are close but do not know exact averages, come anyway. *PLEASE NOTE THAT QUARTER AVERAGES CAN NOT BE USED-ONLY FINAL GRADES*

-Applications will be completed online this year.  At this meeting I will show the students how to access the application and teacher recommendation sheet.

-Applications will be due by Midnight on Monday November 28, 2016.  After midnight the website will not accept any more applications.

Click the link below to access the student application


East's FLHS members attend the Sachem ESL Family Fun Night welcoming families and interacting with elementary students.


Presidents Alex Volpicello and Austin Portente

DJ & Multi-language children on the dance floor