Saccopoulos Sculpture

My work falls into two broad categories. The first category is a series of constructions based on the structural principle of tensegrity. The series is titled Sine Utilitate -- without function -- and is derived from Vitruvius' definition of Architecture.

The second category comprises primarily pieces whose main component is cast concrete. I have opted to present these pieces in three sub-groups, in an attempt to record the evolution of my thinking. Flying and Landed Concrete, Hollow Men, and Kyklopes incorporate overlapping themes and forms. Ideas seem to leap-frog and germinate from seeds formed in earlier pieces.

In the essay, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man, I offer a narrowly-focused biographical note, which may serve to illuminate some of the forces behind my work. Further clues may be culled from the Mikro Horio website, which describes, at some depth, the making of our summer house on the island of Kythnos, Greece.

I have fun giving the pieces titles, many of which incorporate hidden or ambiguous meanings, puns, anagrams or acronyms, with the underlying message that there is more than one way to look at each piece. My hope is that the titles serve only as springboards for the viewer's appreciation. I also believe that, ultimately, each work of art has to stand on its own merits -- almost as if it were an archeological find -- as independent of a title and as autonomous of its maker as possible.

                                                                                           Christos A. Saccopoulos    

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