Insurance Companies & Housing (Pet Friendly)

Finding Insurance Companies Without Breed Exclusions (nationwide) . . .
The organizations listed below have compiled lists of insurance companies that do not have breed exclusions. Please keep in mind that some insurance companies don't have breed restrictions as a whole but that certain of their agents will include them.  If you're told your dog is not insurable, be sure to ask if it is a company-wide policy or individual agency's policy:

How To Get A Waiver From (some) Insurance Companies with Breed Exclusions . . .
Many insurance companies which exclude certain breeds of dog from coverage will waive these exclusions if your dog has passed his/her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. 
CGC Testing in Sacramento:
St. Francis Pet Education and Training Center offers CGC testing monthly as well as by appointment for a fee of only $15 per dog.  To contact them, please call 916-966-6758 or email
All Star Dog Training in Sacramento also offers CGC testing.  Contact them at 916-339-0744 or for more information.
CGC Testing Nationwide:
If you are in an area other than Sacramento and would like to have your dog CGC tested, you can find a local CGC tester by Clicking Here.  
Finding Animal-Friendly Apartments and Other Rentals . . .
One happy customer told us that S&S Property Management was very friendly to her and her pit bull.  
She just needed to purchase a $17-per-month insurance policy to be able to rent with her pit bull.
S&S Property Management 1112 Jefferson Boulevard, West Sacramento, CA 95691-3305   (916) 371-1870   Email: 
Windscape Apartments, 300 Cirby Hills Drive, Roseville, California 95678
(916) 782-9696 - All Breeds Welcome Apartments (up to 75 lb) 

Villages of the Galleria -701 Gibson Dr, Roseville, CA 95678 
(877) 474-8121 - No breed or weight restrictions  

Sierra Ridge Apartments, 700 Vallejo Ave, Roseville, CA 95678 
(916) 788-1000 -  No breed or weight restrictions

This link from MSN Real Estate contains 10 Tips To Get Buddy In The Door.

Pet Rent site (Southern CA and NYC)

Doghouse Properties - Find Pet Friendly Rentals

People with Pets - Directory of Apartments, Homes and Hotels

As is the situation with certain insurance companies, many of the landlords that do accept pets have restrictions against certain breeds.  However, there have been countless situations where landlords have made exceptions to their breed-specific biases if the dog in question has passed his/her AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  (See above for testing locations.)

Info for Those Relocating and/or Facing Foreclosure . . . 

Help for Enlisted Military Personnel and Veterans . . .
  •  Operation Noble Foster provides foster homes for cats of deployed military
  •  Net Pets provides foster homes for almost all species of deployed military
  •  Guardian Angels for Soldiers' Pets provides foster homes for pets of deployed military; supports veterans and enlisted members and their beloved pets to ensure the pets are reunited with their owners following deployment or emergency hardship.


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