Sacramento Canine Placement Assistance & Pet Resource Guide 

  • We are an informal group of individuals making an effort to find permanent placements for dogs (and cats) that are in need of re-homing. 
  • We do not take in animals from the public but will give you all the information needed to "Help You Help Yourself" in the re-homing of the dog or cat you wish to place. 
  • We are not a non-profit and do not receive funding from any source and pay out of pocket for the costs associated with the dogs and cats in our care. 
  • We rescue big dogs and small dogs and dogs of all breeds and breed mixes.  Our focus is on the dog's health and temperament and not the breed.
  • In addition to providing information and resources to the public as well as other rescue groups on how to re-home a dog or cat, we also provide information and resources on many other pet-related topics.
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Pet Peeves:
At the risk of being nags, for the sake of the animals, we've just got to mention that one of our biggest personal pet peeves is when animals are not wearing inexpensive I.D. tags capable of saving their lives.  Unless your pets can talk, they need to be wearing I.D.!   The animals in the attachment at the bottom of this page couldn't agree more!!
For More Information and Low-Cost Resources on Microchipping as well as I.D. Tag Info,  CLICK HERE 

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Sacramento Canine Placement Assistance,
Jun 28, 2009, 2:35 PM