Sac Brony

UPDATE 9/20/2017:

Back in 2013, The first and only Sacramento Brony Expo took place at Sac Sate. It was a great success, but sadly for various reasons the convention was not held again. So, for the foreseeable future, please check out the list below for other meetups for Sacramento-area MLP Fans.

Do you have a meetup group or are interested in running a Sacramento-area MLP fan meetup? Send an email to:
so it can be added here.

The following groups are still active as of 2017! (can you believe it!?)

Sacramento MLP Meetup Group
(focus on Sacramento area)
Bronies of Northern California Meetup Group
(focus on Bay Area, occasionally Sacramento)
Southern California Bronies Meetup Group
(Definitely not "Sacramento-area" but, hey, there's kind of a dearth of MLP fan meetups in CA, so if you're willing to drive it's better than nothing!)

The following groups appear to be no longer active:

Central California Bronies (focus on Central Valley, Fresno, Kings, Merced) (Facebook)