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Rapid Evictions provides high quality legal services to landlords at low cost and in a timely manner. We handle each client's case as if we were in their shoes - with diligence, focus, and a sense of urgency. Our approach to legal analysis emphasizes thorough research, attention to detail, and creative problem solving. That is the main reason why we have never lost an eviction case. Most importantly, we always keep in mind the cost and benefit of different options to the client over both the short and long term.

Rapid Evictions' practice areas are listed and described below. Communicating with the client is just as important to us as working on their case - thus we make every effort to respond to questions promptly and in a clear manner.

Tenant Evictions and Evictions After Sale

Eviction Services

Rapid Eviction attorneys can assist you at any point in the eviction process (e.g. intervening in contested cases) or handle your entire case from the beginning. Our attorneys fees are listed below, along with estimated court costs (e.g. filing fees). If a tenant or previous owner moves out after we provide a 3, 30, 60 or 90 day notice, without any filing of a case, then our fee is a low $100. Often times, it is the retention of an eviction attorney by a landlord that gets a tenant to move out.

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Residential Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) Case Type Attorney Fees Service of Process & Court Costs
 Standard Case (zero or one court appearance) $300 $350+
 Complex Case (multiple court appearances) Hourly $350+
 Serving Notice (All types: 3 to 90 day) $100$50+
 Assistance to party representing self $100+ Varies
 Enforcing Judgment / Sheriff Lockout $50 $150

California Registered Agent Service

California Registered Agent Service

California law requires that every limited liability organization have a registered agent (with the Secretary of State) for service of process. Being a law firm, ALC provides this service in a way that is superior to that of dime-a-dozen 'registered agent' companies. While they simply forward the legal documents by mail for you to struggle with, ALC can analyze them as soon as they are served and tell you exactly what type of legal expertise you need. This way you do not lose valuable time to prepare a defense to a lawsuit.

ALC's registered agent service is more reliable than that of other law firms as well, because we have staff dedicated to the agent function. Most law firms treat the registered agent function as an afterthought - placing the duties upon paralegals that are already burdened with work from active cases. This practice only ensures that something will be missed and that a case may be lost as a result. But it does not happen at ALC. We offer a registered agent service for a low price of $100 per year.