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Awasthi Law Corporation provides high quality legal services to landlords at a reasonable price. We handle each client's case as if we were in their shoes - with diligence, focus, and a sense of urgency. Our approach to legal representation emphasizes thorough research, creative problem solving, persistence and staying in close contact with the client. That is the main reason why we win the vast majority of our cases. Most importantly, we always keep in mind the cost and benefit of different options to the client over both the short and long term.

Tenant Evictions and Evictions After Sale

Eviction Services

Awasthi Law Corporation can assist you at any point in the eviction process (e.g. intervening in contested cases) or handle your entire case from the beginning. Our estimated attorneys fees are listed below, along with estimated court costs (e.g. filing fees).

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Residential Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) Case TypeAttorney FeesProcess Server & Court CostsEstimated Total Price
Simple Case (Default judgment) $600 $600 $1200
Contested Case (Bench Trial) $1200 $600 $1800
Contested Case (Jury Trial) $2500 $1200 $3700