Project Summary

Tucked away on the south side of Sacajawea Elementary (9501 20th Ave. NE), there’s a little-known green space that adjoins the school playground. The school’s current play structure and asphalt surface are in extremely poor and unsafe condition, and both the playground and adjacent city park suffer from poor drainage issues from the connecting wetland that is contributory to Thornton Creek.


Sacajawea Elementary’s PTA has been hard at work to follow-up their successful north-side playground renovations in 2009-2010 with a second phase of south-side playground improvements, ideally folding in some safety and aesthetic improvements to the adjoining city park, known as Sacajawea Park.


The PTA secured a $20,000 grant in 2011 from the Department of Neighborhoods through its Small and Simple matching grant program to hire a consultant/consultant team to create a conceptual plan for enhancements to the school grounds south of the school building. The Request for Qualifications were posted in November, and interviews held in December, which resulted in the selection of Site Workshop as the lead design firm.


The long-term vision is to create a safe, sustainable, inviting playground for kids that makes better use of its connection to Sacajawea Park, a space to be enjoyed by all. In the design phase, all ideas are welcome, though limited budgets will likely limit the scope of what can immediately be implemented. The project team hopes to end up with a design that includes a phased approach to making the vision tangible.


SiteWorkshop was selected to be the design consultant to work with the community to develop a master plan for the project. Three community meetings were scheduled to inform the public about the project and to solicit ideas, which will be used to establish a framework for the future improvements to the playground and adjoining Sacajawea Park.


1.       At the first public meeting, held January 31,  Siteworkshop gathered community input and ideas and to discuss where to focus funding, with the wetland area being key.

2.       At the second community meeting, held February 29, Siteworkshop presented three design concepts, based on community feedback from the first meeting, and facilitated group discussions to gather more detailed feedback on specific features of each proposed design. 

3.       The final design concept was presented at the third and final meeting, held on March 29. SiteWorkshop answered questions and facilitated a discussion about the design, then the project's Steering Committee outlined the next steps to keep the project moving forward.

All community meetings are to be held at Sacajawea Elementary in the lunch room from 6-8 p.m.. 


All community members, including students, are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings, ask questions, and share ideas.


Please help us to spread the word to neighbors, civic groups, business owners, school staff, and any other potential stakeholder within a five-mile radius of Sacajawea Park.

Tracy Patton,
Jan 22, 2012, 2:51 PM
Tracy Patton,
Mar 27, 2012, 1:34 PM