A Site about the South African Bushwar / Border War (Afrikaans: "Grensoorlog" or "Bosoorlog")

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PURPOSE AND DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to collect, preserve and present the military history of the SOUTH AFRICAN BUSH WAR (SABW). It does not support any political motive, and strives to reflect this important chapter in South Africa's history from all forces and freedom movements involved, such as the SADF, SWATF, SWAPO, PLAN, UNITA, MPLA, FNLA, CUBAN, ANGOLAN, EAST- GERMAN, SOVIET, ANC, MK, FRELIMO, RENAMO, etc.

The South African Bush War, is a little known conflict (apart by those directly involved) due to its remoteness and effective censorship by the South African Government and that of opposing forces. The latest generation in the subcontinent, knows little about this remarkable and complex conflict that shaped the Africa of today, and had global political repercussions. It was an important chapter in the Cold War era, and one of the largest ideological Cold War conflicts, but also interwoven with the armed liberation struggle of 3 the countries of Angola, South-West-Africa and South Africa; all in the process on shedding the colonial yoke. On the other hand, pre-democratic South Africa wanted to preserve its policy of apartheid, till it realised that change is inevitable. South Africa aimed for a controlled step-by-step transition in Namibia to prevent a repeat of the chaos that erupted in Angola and some other African states after colonialism. During the Bushwar/Border war South Africa also acted as an surrogate pro-Western agent of the Cold War in Sub-Sahara Africa. For a more complete history of the SABW, explore this page which aims to become a comprehensive archive of the Bushwar or Border War as it was commonly known at the time.

The writer is COLLECTING DATA on the Bushwar by submissions to this page, and is busy writing a BOOK on the SOUTH AFRICAN BUSH WAR.

Please submit your experiences, photos, etc, to sa_bushwar@yahoo.co.uk - any contribution welcome and credits will be given where due.





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