Sabrina R. Brown

Teaching Assistant at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.S. Earth and Quaternary Science, Indiana State University

My research focuses on reconstructing disturbance ecology and climate using paleolimnology. While I specialize in using fossil diatom assemblages to reconstruct past lake environments, I have an interest in a number of paleoecological proxies. A native of Indiana, I received a B.S. in Science Education and Earth/Environmental Science and an M.S. in Earth and Quaternary Science from Indiana State University. As a Ph.D. student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, my goals include pushing myself to conduct high-quality research, developing a greater understanding of ecology, and improving as a writer, thinker, and educator. My long-term aspirations as a scientist include earning my Ph.D. and becoming a professor at a teaching university. Ultimately, my goals as a future professor include using inquiry-based and innovative methods to teach students, developing new courses, mentoring a lab, and conducting innovative research.