About Sabrina

Sabrina Shaw is a woman of God that knows the way to the heart of God through Worship.  Her life and the air she breathes is a direct result of her relationship with the Father.

She began singing as a teenager at the St. Paul Church of Christ Disciples of Christ.  There she sang on the Voices for

Christ Choir, directed the children’s choir, and served on the Missionary Board.  Sabrina has sung on many choirs, groups and ensembles.  As a student, she attended the famous Norman Thomas High School.  There she was among such greats as Cool Moe Dee, who after hearing her sing in the cafeteria dubbed her as sounding famous.  She joined a gospel group with a couple of her friends called TSDL (The Sisters “Dat” Love) which consisted of Toya, Sabrina, Deidre and Linda.  These ladies would blow the house down after their renditions. 

Her gift as a psalmist has been known to heal, set free and deliver.  When she ministers in song, God shows up in the place.  She doesn't just sing, but she ministers.  Sabrina believes that your gift has no power without the anointing.  Sabrina is often described as not a singer but a worshiper who sings! 

Sabrina Shaw has been blessed to be the mother of Alonzo, Shauntae and Jonathan Jr.  She is also the beloved wife of Senior Pastor Jonathan Shaw, Sr., where they both serve as Pastors of Crown Ministry of Brooklyn, New York.  When her ministry is combined with her husbands, there is a spiritual explosion.  At Crown Ministry,  Sabrina Shaw is the Pastor of Worship, and Director of the Women’s Dept. entitled “Sista to Sista”.  Her compassion is to help women who have been naturally and spiritually wounded.  Her goal is to assist women in any way she can, in finding their self-worth, self-esteem, their own identity, and their destiny in God. 

Sabrina Shaw emphatically believes if God’s people would get a relationship with Him, through Worship, He will be all they would ever need. Sabrina Shaw continues to walk in integrity, truth and humility.  She is privileged to fulfill God’s purpose in her life.

Release Your Praise!