Welcome to Sabrina Parent's webpage. Since October 2016, I am an Associate Professor at Université libre de Bruxelles, in the Faculté de Lettres, Traduction et Communication, and a member of the Research Center Philixte. For five years beforehand I was working at FNRS as a postdoctoral researcher and then as a research associate. You'll find my bio, here (p. 31): FNRSNews102. You can also find me on Academia. My updated bibliography is also available on Cible+.

My research interests are related to the notion of event in literature. They include issues such as literary representations of historical events (WWI, WWII, Belgian colonization), the way writing transforms phenomena into significant events —or the opposite— and the process of writing / reading as an act with ethical impacts.

Fields of research: Novels and Poetry in the French and Francophone Worlds (1950-)

You'll find here information regarding my education and teaching experience as well as my research interests and other activities. 
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