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Security Services

Sabre Security can cater for all your Security requirements using our team of highly trained and experienced staff. We will tailor the service to your personal requirement and ensure you are fully aware of what we are carrying out and why. We believe communication is the key to a successful working relationship and operation.
We will call upon our extensive experience and utilise modern equipment to ensure the operation is carried out smoothly and maximising protection to reduce the risk of threat. Equipment used but not limited to includes two way communications, metal detectors, infra red night viewing aids, personal panic/attack alarms/pagers, pir perimeter protection systems, conventional lighting and equipped Security vehicle.

Close Protection. We can supply you with a single Close Protection Operative (CPO) or a team to give yourself, your family or your staff added protection and reduce the risk of harm with minimal disruption to your lifestyle and business.

Residential Security. Looking after your residence/home. Our team of CPO's will secure your property while you are in residence or away on business/holiday.

Private parties/functions. We will meet and greet your guests and secure the property/venue to ensure no unauthorised persons gain access.

Mobile Patrols. Using our equipped Security vehicle we can carry out regular visits to your property to ensure the property is secure and act as a visual deterrent for criminal elements.

Security Guarding. Our experienced guards will protect your property from trespass and unauthorised access ensuring your business and assets are safe.

Please visit the Contact Us page to discuss your Security requirements. All communication treated with the strictest of confidence.