Monkey Medical

 NEW: Now quallified EMT and registered to practice at EMT level

Please Note Im based in Ireland and usually only attend Irish gigs.


Ok so I thought I would set up this little website to offer myself out as it were for any groups that would like some informal medical cover at an event. I am a trained PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council*) registered Emergency Medical Tecnican (EMT) Emergency First Responder [Responder Level] and a Cardiac First Responder [Practitioner Level].


As we all know Historical Re-enactment is a great hobby but it can be dangerous we have all heard of and in some cases seen injuries on the battlefield from sprained ankles to broken ribs to people getting a sword in the head whilst sparing without a helmet, lets face it our hobby does have great potential for injury and a lot of groups just don’t have trained people or equipment to deal with these situations. Anything beyond basic First Aid equipment can be expensive to maintain and alot of groups cannot afford to keep their first aider trained or equiped.


So here is what I offer, I am happy to attend most events up and down the country and act as medical officer on the day. Due to legal issues like public liability I would prefer to only treat Re-Enactors but in the event of a serious injury I will treat a member of the public in a Good Samaritan capacity. I have a large assortment of Medical equipment and skills that are only allowed to be used by trained emergency medical personnel which I am happy to bring to your event for example:



Medical Oxygen, A Defibrillator,Cervical Spine Collars,Blood Glucometry testing, Helmet Removal following potential spinal injury


If anyone is interested in having me attend their event Im happy to attend as I would usually go to most Irish gigs anyway. I have kit for Medieval, Early Irish and Viking periods so would be happy to wear kit for the gigs. If you are doing a later period gig or would like me to be more noticeable to your participants then I can wear jackets, t-shirts or high viz vests with appropriate logo’s such as EMT, First Responder, First Aid or Medic.


If you’re interested just send me an email to sabre151 AT


Please try and give me as much advance notice as possible of your event. I am not asking to be paid for this service and I will only use the skills that I am permitted to use as per the current clinical practice guidelines to which I am subscribed. The service I provide is in the capacity of Good Samaritan therefore I am not specially insured to offer this service and am doing so solely as a volunteer who just happens to have all their medical equipment with them.


Im not asking to be paid or to receive any reimburesement but I would not say no to a small donation for fuel to get myself and my equipment to your event or to reimburse me for the restocking of any equipment that was used for example dressings and refilling of oxygen bottle if it was used.


p.s. if you ever need any help with organising an appropriate first aid kit for your group I will be happy to source one for you or custom build it at cost price.



Legal bit:

Any treatment provided will solely be provided after consent from patient.

A patient cannot be complied to accept treatment.

Patient’s details are confidential and will not be shared without consent of patient.

All care provided is at patients own risk and I am not liable for any injuries, illness or death associated with treatment or lack thereof.