The Nursery

GREAT working dogs come from GREAT working dogs!!

                                                           2009/2010 Expected Litters

While we have had a rough start to our breeding program, we are expecting a possible litter this year and two very exciting litters next year.


                                                        Due December  2009

                      VTCH, OTCH Twittys Herdsmens Dream UDX, OA, OAJ, HT, RA, FDCH-



                                                  Northlight Have Ewe Ever, RN, HT, CD


                                                       Sables and Sable Merles Expected.

This litter was actually Tyler's brainchild. On Day 9 of Brandy's Heat (10/4/09), I tried to take her out and let him in at the same time, in the flash of an eye, they were locked. This litter may be a long shot due to Tyler's age and Brandy's previous reproductive history, but if there is any possibility of getting puppies from two of my favorite dogs who are both HIT Obedience Winners and have lots of work ethic, its certainly worth the try.  I am very excited to see if this takes...

                                                       To see the litter pedigree click here

All of these puppies will be placed from our waiting list. To be added to our wait list, please contact me at


                                                              Summer 2010


                                                  Plails Wingman MX, AXJ, NF, PT, RN



                                             ADCh/MACh Plail's It's All About Me! MX, MXJ,XF


                                                    Tri factored Sables Expected.

This litter will be whelped by Maureen Waldron and will be placed by Nina Plail. We are hoping one of these dynamic dogs will be coming to stay with us and carry on Tyler and Mavericks legacy. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact


                                                                  Spring 2010

                                               MACh Plails Catch Me If You Can!, XF, AAD



                                            Plail's Jestwit Chasin' Moon Beams NAJ, PT


                                                          Sable Merles Expected

This litter will be whelped and placed by Nina Plail. Tag is an amzing example of speed and athleticism. From what we have heard, there are very few dogs as fast in agility as he is. Sky is just starting her career, but speed is certainly not an issue for her, its been said she is the fastest sheltie in Florida and we hope she gets to get out there and show more of that off. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact