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10/10 - 10/11: Deb Norman and "Hop" finish their FDCH title and break the 5 second    barrier.

09/19-20/09: Deb Norman and "Hop" make their agility debut. Her first agility trial, 3 Q's out of 4 (level 2 CPE) and won all those classes.

09/12-13/09:  Deb Norman and "Hop" make their Flyball debut running 5.3 as a personal best and earning their first 2 flyball titles. FD & FDX. Way to go ladies!

Maureen Waldron and "Mickle" finish their USDAA ADCh title the same weekend! HUGE CONGRATS!


09/07/09: Brandy places 2nd In Open at Florida's Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida Competition with a 198 to become the 2nd Highest scoring dog out of 335 dogs.


08/24/09: Gus earns his OA and picks up his first EXJWW leg. Out of 58 Exc JWW's dogs Gus was second. He beat two 16" dogs that were recently on USDAA world teams. Gus also picked up his Advanced Gamblers title and his Started Pairs title in USDAA!



Congrats to Maureen Waldron and her fabulous Agility Partner "Mickle". They did us proud by winning the USDAA NE Regional Steeplechase Finals in 16" over some big-time competition! Nice job ladies!


HUGE Congrats to Maureen Waldron and the Fantastic MICKLE on finishing their MACH title. We didnt know about QQ 18 - 19, so we are also congratulating them on those as well! Awesome Team Work!



Congrats to Tim Flick and "Gus" on getting their USDAA Advanced Jumpers Title with 1st place. "Gus" Also picked up a Gamblers Q with 1st place as well!

Congrats to Maureen Waldron and "Mickle" on picking up their 17th QQ and they are currently at 1569 MACH points! Closing in on that title ladies...AWESOME!



Congrats to Tim Flick and Gus on earning his first OAJ leg. Also Congrats to Maureen Waldron and Mickle on her 14th, 15th, & 16th QQ and her new 1511 MACH points. Only 4 more to go! Nice Job Everyone!


Ashley Deacon and Luka, Paulette Swartzendruber and Rush,
Maureen Waldron and Mickle, Andy Hartman, Director of Agility

Congrats to Maureen and Mickle on placing 3rd in the 5th round at World Team Tryouts in MN.


Congrats to Maureen & Mickle on being eligible for the AKC Agility World Team Try Outs on May 2 - 3, 2009!


Congrats to Maureen & Mickle on their 13th QQ and Additional MACH points, bringing her to 1241! Nice job ladies!


BIG CONGRATS to Maureen Waldron and Mickle on coming in #12 out of 195 dogs in the 16'' division at the AKC Agility Nationals. Maureen & Mickle also earned their 10th, 11th, & 12th Double Q and is now sitting at 1195 MACH points.

Congrats to Gus who  got two Q's one in Advanced Jumpers 24.48 time 158 yards and one Q in Relay Pairs.  His time in Jumpers was the fastest of all dogs.  I believe it works out to 6.45 yps


Congrats to "Sky" who earned her PT title in two trys. Not sure of the venue, but know the trial was held at Leida Jones place. Sky is owned by Nina and Joe Plail.

Congrats to "Gus" who finished his NA & NAJ today from Novice B with first place wins. Gus is owned by Tim Flick.

Congrats to "Mickle" who earned another Double Q and MXF leg- Not sure of the trial or the exact date, but wanted to congratulate Maureen Waldron and Mickle on their success.