Bordaux's S.H. Ewe Go Girl

By: This Bud's 4 EWE UD, HXAs, FDGCH (OTCH pts)


SinCity Static ONYX

Meet "Girlie"...our newest family member. Bred by Kathy Iozzio, Girlie is out of her flyball bitch "Static" and by Becky Babicz's multi talented "Buddy". The Original Buddy x Static litter are now 6 years old, but almost all of the litter were extremely dynamic in multiple venues. Several of the original litter run sub 4 in Flyball, some have Obedience Titles (One is a Multi - HIT/HC OTCH) and others have Agility titles. So when I knew the repeat was coming, I tried to say no, but just couldnt. At 3 days old, I picked the dot head puppy and now she spends her days keeping me on my toes!

"Girlie" is going to be out socializing, training, and playing. She is a handful, just ask those who have seen her.

Being so different than my shelties, she will present new and exciting challenges for me while we train for multiple dog sports. It wont be long before she takes her place in a Flyball Tourney or Obedience Trial near you!