About Us
Over 18 years of Sheltie Experience...

Our family purchased our first sheltie when I was 5. He was a large oversized Tri Male named "Scamp". Everyday he would sit on the side of our house and wait for my school bus to show up. Sometimes in the mornings my dad would let him in my room to jump on my bed and wake me up, he tolerated everything life threw at him, including my niece, who at the time was two and would tie him to her wagon in an attempt to make him a sled dog! Scamp was killed by a car, when the lawn people left the gate to the backyard open. It was really traumatic for our family and we went dogless for almost a year. For Christmas the following year I was given a German Shepherd Puppy. Holly entered my life and was the first dog I trained.  When she was little she was an adorable puppy, but by 6 months old she was 60lbs of hyper German Shepherd and her antics were no longer cute.  Mom told me I had one of two options, get rid of her or take her to obedience school. I took her through an 8 week puppy course where she learned to walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay and come. After the class was over we were able to take the AKC's C.G.C test, which I am proud to say she passed. Sadly, Holly suffered from seperation anxiety and would jump the fence trying to be with us. at 9 months old, Holly was placed with a new home and again we were dogless. For Valentines day my mom took me to see a litter of Sheltie Puppies. I saw one male in particular who caught my eye. I picked up Tyler and started training him at eight weeks and the rest is history...Tyler became not only my first competitive obedience dog, but my first OTCh/UDX, my first agility dog, flyball dog, herding dog and best friend. Now we have a few others, and are still training(and now branching into breeding) and handling dogs most weekends. Tyler taught me what a working sheltie should be like, fierce, fast, driven, and willing to give 150% at anything I throw at them. His work ethic, drive, speed and trainability have set the bar in my breeding program. I have been blessed to have valuable mentors (Thank you Nina & Joe Plail, Nancy & Bob Withers, Linda Rorem and Sherry Lee!) who have shared their knowledge and expertise with me and continue to help me learn all I can about this breed!

~Matthew Twitty