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Reference & Referrals Index

We do not mind sharing these links if your interests are the same as our interests. If we do not have what you need, or we cannot make what you have designed or imagined, then maybe we can save you some time finding it on the web. If all else fails, we welcome you to come back and visit our site again.

We keep a list of referrals for registries, agents, retailers, manufacturers, artisans, publications and even our competition.

If you know someone who may appreciate being added to this list, be sure to ask.


Bridal Registries - Wedding Planners
Travel Agencies - destination wedding planning
Swim Wear - mainstream retailers and manufacturers
Plus Size Swimwear - retailers and manufacturers offering specialty sizing
Our Competition - respected and revered, great videos
e-Zines & ePubs - subscribe to online magazines and publications
related to garment, sewing, crafts industry
Seamstress Tailor - send fabric purchase direct to seamstress
and tailoring service provider
Accessories - sarong clips and accessories for casual beach wear and beach wedding brides

References & Tools

Reference Tools - online conversion tools, translators, dictionaries, wiki pages, color charts, freebies
101 Uses for a Sarong - a complete website dedicated to the sarong and its alternative uses


Vendors - external websites that link back to us
Affiliates - advertisers that display ads on our sites