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Black White Fabrics

Black & White

The expression “let me put it in black and white for you” has a whole connotation of its own.
Therefore a directory for our B&W fabric textile products only.

Double layer black sarong pareo

Black & White Affair

Our two best selling fabrics are black and white.
Black and white are the most popular color for clothing and textiles in general.
Many traditional and modern occasions and events revolve around this classic “color” theme.

Situations and applications for basis black and white materials:
weddings, graduations, stage entertainment shows, pageants,
events for display, window and table coverings, home decorating, draping,
product display, showcasing, photography back drops, modelling, etc.
This is certainly not an exhaustive list.

We supply beautiful basic black and white garments and fabrics in quantity.
Available in three grades of transparency, and in two fiber contents: polyester and silk.
We have compiled an indexed link click chart to help you find these
basically beautiful fabric textiles in our store.

100% Silk Crepe de Chine (black)



 devore burnout
silk chiffon

100% Silk Charmeuse Satin (white dyable)

When browsing our catalogue for black or white fabrics,
be sure to use the search function to locate them all,
including such color accented fabrics
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