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We respond to all emails.

Web-form instantly relays your message to us in real time.
Be prepared to leave a lonnnngggg note.
Contact Us

Email is our preferred method of communication so that we can
best keep track of your inquiry and order details.
As email may be serviced 24/7 it is most efficient for keeping in contact
with our international clients located in varying time zones.

As we typically send links in our emails, our messages
may get detected as spam by your email server.
Be sure to add us to your safe senders list or check for our messages
in your junk mail/spam folder in case our response lands there.

You will have opportunity to leave us a detailed message in a note box.
Please provide as much information as possible as this may help
to minimize the deflating game of telephone tag.
Contact preference: email, land-line telephone, cell,
text messaging, Skype ID, time zone, best time to call.
Product of interest, delivery urgency.

We welcome and depend on customer input for our
product development and we would love to hear from you!
Suppliers and wholesalers are also welcomed.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in our products.

Danke für das Besuchen                 Dank u voor het bezoeken


谢谢参观                      謝謝參觀                   訪問をあ                 りがとう

Gracias por visitar                Grazie per visitare                    Merci de visiter

Вы для посещения                   agradeç você para visiting

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