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            Do you remember growing up exploring the outside world, what it felt like to discover something new?  The first time you went to the mountains, looked up at the stars, or felt an earthquake?  Do you remember reading about theses new things and drawing pictures of them?  Do you remember how much fun it was to discover new things?  Well this year you are in luck, because in my classroom we will be diving into a whole new world of discoveries that will help you understand the world we live in.  From archeology to weather systems we will cover all things that affect Earth and allow you to experience for yourself what it feels like to be a scientist. As we go along, you will see the relevance of Earth/Space science and you’ll hopefully begin to make your own connection to this magnificence world. If you work with me, I will do all I can to help grow as an individual and hopefully pass my class at the same time.  But there are some rules to follow in my class:

Classroom expectations

1.     Be an active listener while teacher is talking

2.     Remain in your seat

3.     Raise your hand to contribute to class

4.     Food is reserved for the cafeteria (water ok)

5.     Be respectful


Failure to abide to the rules will have consequences:

1.     Verbal warning

2.     Speak to teacher after class

3.     Detention

4.     Call home/parent conference

5.     Visit to principal

6.     In school detention

*When you see me raise my hand, it’s a good time to focus on me and pay attention.

Tentative schedule for semester

·      1st week

o   Intro to classroom expectations

o   Expected classroom behaviors

o Ice breakers

o Group activities

·      2nd week

o   Lab safety

o Lab reports

o Lab safety/cleanup/expectations

o Internet safety

·      First Unit (4-5 weeks)

o Earth Systems

·  Second Unit (4-5 weeks)

o   Earth Processes

·  Third Unit (4-5 weeks)

o   Earth's place in Astronomy 

·  Fourth Unit (4-5 weeks)

o   Earth and Human Activities

·  Fifth Unit (4-5)

o   Engineering 

Grading System

·      100-90% A

·      89-80% B

·      79-70% C

.  69-60% D

. <59% F

Sample assignments:

·      Homework Quizzes

·      Lab Notebook

·      POGIL collaborative worksheets

·      Experiments/Hands on Activities

·      Lab reports/CER's

·      Chapter tests/Projects 


    Tests can be given at end of each unit, please be aware of upcoming test dates (I will let you know at least a week in advance).  Any cheating will be automatic zero, and automatic referral to office. Quizzes can be given at any time, be sure to keep up with your notes and homework.



    Will be given at least 2-3 week. Individual assignments will be assigned and turned in the electronically or physically the NEXT DAY.  Most labs consist of a post-lab section that is assigned as homework, if not finished during class.  If you are absent due to valid reason, you are given the amount of days missed to make up any work.

Late Work

Last day to turn in late/absent work is date of current unit exam/project.



    It is the responsibility of the student to find out what he/she missed during absences.  A student is truant if he/she is more than 15 minutes late to class or leaves without permission or has an unexcused absence.  Students may not be allowed to make up work when truant.  A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in their seat when the bell rings.  You receive one free pass, more can be earned through in-class prizes.  However, constant tardies will follow the same consequence protocol.  School policy will be enforced on all absences/tardies.

"All CVUSD and TOHS attendance policies and procedures will be followed in this class.  Students may be dropped from the class due to excessive [>18] truancies, absences, and/or tardies". AR 5121

Tips for Success

1.     Come to class

a.     If you miss information, get it from someone else or check my website

2.     Bring recommended materials

a.     Composition notebook

b.     Pencils and pens

c.  Chromebook 

3.     Take good notes

a.     Summarize my notes in your own words

b.     Listen to what I say, not necessarily what is displayed

4.     Take advantage of my office hours (Monday, Tues, Thursday after school)

5.     Try, try, and keep trying

a.     Don’t give up

b.  Its OK to fail, as long as learn from it

6.     Have fun

a.     Don’t get stressed when things don’t click

b.     Remember when you were younger, how fun it was discovering new things

7.     Do your homework!


Lets have fun and learn at the same time


Please sign and return stating that you agree with and will follow rules:


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