Johnny Reb and the Lost Cause, Dolan's rock band playing all original rock songs about the Civil War in Maryland, contributes nearly the entire soundtrack to the CULT OF THE CONFEDERACY documentary.  Such songs as "Civil War Rock", "Let It Fly", "I Rode With JEB Stuart", "Confederate Money", "Johnny Reb", "Sabers and Roses", "Battle of Bull Run", "War of Northern Aggression...(well, you get the idea) rock hard and fast with historically-accurate lyrics.  Combining these rockers with his interpretations of actual songs from the Civil War like JINE THE CAVALRY, THE CAVALIERS' GLEE, I'M A GOOD OL' REBEL and MARYLAND MY MARYLAND lend the soundtrack a credence heretofore unseen on the American music scene.  The Civil War rocks...and NOBODY ROCKS THE CIVIL WAR LIKE JOHNNY REB!

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Sabers and Roses Songs