Welcome to our live Civil War rock opera featuring the show's creator and host, Johnny Reb.  Johnny Reb (Kevin Dolan) purchased the 12,000 square-foot Landon House mansion and estate in February, 1999.  The Landon House is most famous for having been the location of legendary Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart's Sabers and Roses Ball.  The Ball was hosted by Stuart during the first Confederate Invasion of Maryland in September, 1862.  Ten months later the Confederates would again turn northward...and this time continue the invasion into Pennsylvania.

Johnny Horton's song JOHNNY REB from the show

Dolan has woven these two events together into a one-man musical centered around his farmer/soldier character who rides with Stuart on both campaigns.  "Johnny Reb" experiences the ups and downs of riding with Stuart and personally witnesses some of the bloodiest fighting of the Civil War.  While he admires Stuart for the dashing iconic figure he is, he also sees in Stuart the last vestiges of any notion of the "romance" of war.  HIs mission becomes to survive the War Between the States in any way that he can so that he can restart his life anew. 
This show rocks with such original songs as "Confederate Money", "I Rode with JEB Stuart", "Let It Fly", "Sabers and Roses", "War of Northern Aggression", "I Can Always Count on You To Let Me Down", "Ghost Ride", all written by Johnny Reb.  Other tunes include "Johnny Reb" and "Battle of Bull Run" by Johnny Horton and a fascinating mix of period Civil War music as well in an exciting musical and historical stew.  The show also features two songs highlighting the African-American experience during the Civil War.  This show is sure to engage even the most antsy students!

Confederate Money by Johnny Reb & The Lost Cause

This show can be booked through several Gettysburg tourism agencies.  We will shortly announce our new retail/show location in Gettysburg with the premier of the show starting in April, 2010.
PRICING:  $15 adults; $10 kids under 12.  Special pricing for school bus tours.