The development of the Sabers and Roses Civil War Show has a fascinating history of its own.  Kevin Dolan, who implemented high-end videoconferencing
systems for government agencies and large companies, bought the long-neglected Landon House in Urbana, Maryland in February, 1999.  "The question was", says Dolan, "what do you do with a 12,000 square foot historic mansion in the midst of explosive development in a quiet suburban town?"  Dolan elected to not only host weddings, ghost walks and events, he also began developing a multi-faceted Civil War entertainment project based on the exploits of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart and his legendary Sabers and Roses Ball.  "Thanks to Gettysburg artist Dale Gallon's Sabers and Roses painting featuring the Landon House in the background, lots of people are familiar with the place,"  offers Dolan.

Civil War Music Star Doug Jimmerson plays Landon

Along with the reality show comes a live rock show about the Confederate invasions of Maryland in '62 and Pennsylvania in '63.  This one-man show details the incredible story of Lee and Jackson's journey into the Maryland countryside as they seek to "take the war north" with less than stellar results.  Your host, Johnny Reb, as portrayed by creator Kevin Dolan, tells the story of J.E.B. Stuart's legendary Sabers and Roses Ball, held at the Landon House in Urbana just before the Battle of Antietam, still the single bloodiest day in American history. 

Stuart, (the rakish Confederate general rightly or wrongly labeled as "the fall guy" at the Battle of Gettysburg) advances into Maryland on Lee and Jackson's behalf and sets up camp at the old abandoned Landon Academy.  While there, the married Stuart meets and falls hard for Anne Cockey, (whom he nicknames "The New York Rebel") and decides to host a ball the next night in her honor.  The Sabers and Roses Ball becomes legendary as one of the highwater marks of the Confederacy...and one of the last examples of any sort of notion of war being romantic.  Stuart would learn another hard lesson just ten short months later when he did not arrive at the Battle of Gettysburg until the second day of fighting.   This show is available for presentation at your hotel and can be booked through several Gettysburg agencies.