Gettysburg has been called the most haunted place on earth.  This is not a surprise given the carnage that took place in the sleepy little town over three days in
July, 1863.  The aftermath of the battle was just as horrible in its impact on the town.  Many spirits are said to wander through the area and many ghost investigations have posted hard-to-dispute evidence of paranormal occurences in Gettysburg.

There is a physical eeriness as you wander the streets of Gettsyburg.  You can feel the presence of spirits.  Ghost Walks are among the most popular attractions in Gettysburg.

There are many great Ghost Walks and Paranormal Attractions available to you when you visit Gettysburg.  Contact the vendors directly to make your reservations now!  Planning a wedding in the Gettysburg area?  Visit our website at for more information about integrate one of our paranormal packages for your wedding party to enjoy on their Gettysburg visit!  301-305-6600.

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