Bringing Civil War Reality To Life

1.  What is SABERS AND ROSES?  I have heard a lot about it over the past several years.  I've seen ads and seen the trailer on Youtube. What is the story with the project?

This project has been ten years in the making ever since Kevin Dolan bought the historic Landon House in Urbana in February, 1999.  It is just now coming into its own.  Entertainment projects take a very long time to develop and sometimes head down paths that don't work.  The path we are on now is working.  You can see various permutations of the project at keyword "Sabers and Roses".

 2.  When can we expect to see something?  Is there a live show too?  I've heard it is a rock show.  Is that true?

"War of Northern Aggression" by Johnny Reb

The core product is the Sabers and Roses Civil War Reality Show.  It is in what is called post-production.  That means several episodes have been shot and we are in the process of editing it down into a real show.  The live show is called JOHNNY REB AND THE LOST CAUSE.  This is a one-man show performed by Kevin Dolan in the guise of Johnny Reb and tells the story of J.E.B. Stuart's rides into Maryland and Pennsylvania.  JOHNNY REB AND THE LOST CAUSE will be premiering in Gettysburg in May, 2010.   The show combines rock as well as period music.  It is aimed at a mainstream audience.  It has a heavy emphasis on untold Confederate history and is historically-accurate and well-researched.  This is a family-oriented, mainstream show that has been performed at the Pentagon and at local schools.