The root causes of the Civil War are open for discussion.  What is certain is that the rebels had style...LOTS OF STYLE!  From J.E.B. Stuart to a Confederate private, no one dressed like the Confederates dressed...they were fashion rebels to the core.  And now the Sabers and Roses Clothing Line extends that same sense of style to the 21st century.  Let's face it folks...brogans rock!

Austin Texas Radio Interview w/ Johnny Reb

"They were eclectic in their fashions because they had to be," says Dolan, creator of the Sabers and Roses line.  The staid Union troops favored straight blue but there were exceptions to the rule...just ask Custer!  Get ready to flaunt your Civil War style with the Sabers and Roses clothing line!

Remember, it ain't over, it's just the longest cease fire in history!