What if you took a group of modern-day Americans, who know nothing about American history, and transported them back in time to the Civil War-era?  How would
they react?  Would they be able to deal with the numerous challenges thrown at Americans during the greatest conflict in our country's history?  That is the premise of this exciting new reality show currently in post-production.  Created and hosted by Landon House owner Kevin Dolan, the SABERS AND ROSES CIVIL WAR REALITY SHOW delivers the goods in terms of all of the tension, conflicts, shocking twists and surprises and reality show antics that you'd expect to see on a mainstream show.

Sabers and Roses Promo Video

SABERS AND ROSES CIVIL WAR REALITY SHOW also delivers a huge educational value as well to a new generation of viewers not content with "old media".  "Strumming on the ol' banjo" just doesn't cut it for this new generation of history buffs...this show rocks!  While this is family entertainment aimed at a mainstream audience, it's safe to say it has the appeal required by a successful reality show...Controversial?  Yes.  Cutting-edge?  Definitely.  Able to grab and hold your attention?  For sure.  Aimed squarely at the millions of Civil War fans who love this sort of thing?  Of course!  Check out the trailer on YouTube.com and tell us what you think.  How would YOU like to be on a Civil War Reality Show?  Watch this space for further details or contact us and tell us in 50 words or less why you should be on the Sabers and Roses Civil War Reality Show!