The anticipation is building and the excitement level is getting almost too much to bear!  On April 12th will begin the 150th Anniversary Commemoration of the start of the Civil War with the firing on Ft. Sumter by the Confederates.  Heroic Confederate and Union troops fought valiantly for what they believed in. Close to one million Americans died in the Civil War...still the bloodiest war in our history and the only one where Americans fought Americans.

We are headquartered at the historic Landon House (pictured below) in Urbana, Maryland, site of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart's Sabers and Roses Ball on September 8, 1862.  Stuart would ride hard into the Battle of Gettysburg just ten months later.  It was all for nought after he was slammed by Custer's troops and prevented from attacking Yankees crushing Pickett's unit during the infamous Pickett's Charge.  Though the war went on for two more years, it was all over for the rebels.