Welcome to the SABER Motivation Research Special Interest Group (SIG)!

This group formed out of conversations that occurred at the 2016 Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) National Meeting at the University of Minnesota. The primary purpose of this group is foster communication among and be a repository of information for those who are interested in motivation research in education. Additionally, we are interested in creating a collaborative environment where researchers with common interests can work together as we attempt to better understand what exactly motivates students and their instructors. This is an open group and we warmly welcome all who share common interests in these topics.

* New Announcement *

Make sure to keep our Motivation SIG meeting in mind as you consider your plans for SABER 2019. We will be having another Motivation SIG meeting, from 4:45-5:45 in Bruininks 312, this year and I hope you are all able to attend and participate. A few of the things we will be discussing at the meeting (more items to be added later): ongoing SABER Motivation SIG projects and how you can get involved as well as a discussion on how best to help instructors think about how they impact their students' motivation. As always, let me know if there is anything else you would like to discuss or questions you may have.

~ Michael

At SABER 2018 we had our second Motivation SIG meeting (click here for --> Meeting Program). A short newsletter detailing our meeting and future vision can be found here --> Spring 2019 Newsletter. A big thank you to those who attended! You made the meeting engaging and fruitful. I look forward to future collaborations.

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Populations of Interest:

  • Instructor Motivation
    • K-12
    • College
      • 2-Year
      • 4-Year
        • Pre-Tenure
        • Post-Tenure
  • Post-Doc Motivation
  • Student Motivation
    • K-12
    • Undergraduate
    • Graduate

Constructs of Interest:

  • Self-Determination Theory
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Mindset Theory
  • Expectancy-Value Theory
  • Grit

Want to suggest another topic to add to the list? Want to suggest website edits/additions and additional resources?

Email me --> michael_e_moore@baylor.edu

This website and interest group is being maintained by Michael Moore and is recognized as a formal SABER Special Interest Group (SIG) recognized by SABER PI (Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth) and Co-PIs. This group is an extension of SABER's stated mission to foster collaborations among Biology Education Research investigators.

SABER Mission Statement

SABER is a scientific community whose members develop theory and generate evidence with the goal of improving biology education. SABER fosters Biology Education Research (BER) and its dissemination by defining the standards for BER practice, supporting the BER community through training and faculty development programs, and fostering collaborations among BER investigators

SABER fosters Biology Education Research (BER) and its dissemination by supporting:

  • faculty as they employ scientific methodology in their teaching
  • the generation of evidence-based knowledge to inform teaching practices
  • development of BER training and faculty development programs
  • national BER meetings
  • standards of BER practice and evidence
  • articulation and investigation of what constitutes a deep and meaningful understanding of biology
  • collaborations among BER investigators.

Questions about SABER?

Contact Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth: mpw@uw.edu

Questions about this group?

Contact Dr. Michael Moore: memoore@ucdavis.edu