About The Collection

 Saber es poder: Resources on Puerto Rican and Latinx History, Culture, and Social Movements is a dedicated               collection in the Holyoke Public Library that encourages and supports Holyoke residents’ understanding of the Puerto  Rican experience. The collection celebrates the contributions of Latinx peoples to American culture. It also emphasizes  historic and ongoing struggles to build community, resist oppression, and create social change, in an effort to inspire library patrons of all backgrounds to engage in building a positive future for Holyoke.

Purchases made possible by a grant from the Carlos Vega Fund for Social Justice, and the Friends of the Holyoke                      Public Library.

The library catalog can be found at: http://bark.cwmars.org/eg/opac/home?loc=223, where you can check for the                     availability of the items from our resource list.