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“If music be the food of life …” walk in.  This well-known quote, adapted, encapsulates the user friendly welcome extended by the Record Library on the K1 level of Radio Studios. Often, recorded music, previously unavailable, becomes to a delightful reality on computer monitors, to reveal the gems housed in the Record Library.


All genres of recorded music, including Jazz, Gospel, Kwaito, Rap, Rave, Classical, World, Light, Mood, Sound Effects and others, are regularly accessed by staff and made available to internal clients.   The Record Library software to catalogue and search music albums and tracks was specially developed by library staff and external consultants in order to meet service requirements.  This library strives to make the most recently released material available to borrowers.   Representatives of the large and independent record labels supply their latest material to the Record Library on a weekly basis.


The library staff is able to source discs that may not be readily available in South Africa.  Inquires from the external parties wanting record label or artist information is commonplace.   While the library is not accessible to external parties, the staff readily provides information to enable them to trace other sources.


The Record Library collection was established in the mid 1950's.


The vast collection comprises at least:


§         200 000 LP’s

§         23 000 Classical CDs

§         110 000 Light CDs


On a lighter note, the Record Library has complete collections (music and documentation) of the SA TOP 20 since 1967.   The Top 20 was first broadcast on the now defunct Springbok Radio, with renowned DJ David Gresham of “keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars” fame.  At present the program is presented on RSG by JP Keyter. 


Contact details: 

Justice Muthakhi  

Manager:  Record Library

Tel:   011-714-2010       

Fax:  011-714-4307



 William Rapabi              
Team Leader: Loans Section

Tel:               011-714-3194       

Fax: 011-714-4307



Marinda Wolmarans

Systems Administrator

Tel:   011-714-2034       

Fax: 011-714-4307


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Note to the Artists / Record Companies

The SABC Record Libraries is a service for  
the Artists and Record Companies that makes  
music available for Radio Stations to use.  
 RESPONSIBLE  for air play, it is up to 
 *The Artists or the Record Companies to market  
 them with the different SABC Radio Stations. 
The following info is needed on the album  
before it can be processed into the   
Record Library System.   

Artists  :  
Song title :   
Composer :   
Publisher : optional   
Label  :  
Catalog no. : (eg: RCA CDRCA001)

CD's without all information required will not be accepted

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