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2017 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - SABC will be highlighting their collections

posted 19 Oct 2017, 05:18 by Sabc Media Libraries

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is coming up on 27 October 2017.
The SABC Television and Radio Archives will be highlighting their collections on national radio and television on the day. They will also create awareness inside the organisation of the importance of the material that is being preserved. 
The vulnerability of the collections, which is a world-wide issue, will also be highlighted!

Interview with SABC archivists on African Dialogue about the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2015 #wdavh2015

posted 29 Oct 2015, 00:29 by Sabc Media Libraries

Two of SABC Radio Archives' archivists were interviewed on the programme African Dialogue on Channel Africa about the World day for Audiovisual Heritage that was celebrated on Tuesday 27 October.
Sipho Hlope is the Springbok Radio archivist; and Namatama Mate is the Channel Africa archivist.


posted 4 Nov 2014, 02:34 by Sabc Media Libraries

A report shared on SlideShare about the most recent IASA Conference in Cape Town, by SABC Radio Archivist, Karen du Toit.

The international conference was held in Cape Town from 5 - 9 October 2014. It is only possible to mention but a few of the papers that were read.

Information about the conference can be found here:


Archivists of SABC Radio Archives being interviewed about World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2014 #wdavh2014

posted 4 Nov 2014, 02:18 by Sabc Media Libraries

Three of the archivists of SABC Radio Archives were interviewed by SABC Radio stations about the importance of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage that is celebrated yearly on 27 October 2014.

The interviews are uploaded on SoundCloud.

SABC Cape Town Principal Librarian Marlene Ungerer training at the SABC Radio Archives in Auckland Park

posted 18 Sep 2014, 01:21 by Sabc Media Libraries

The Principal Librarian of the SABC Media Library in Cape Town, Marlene Ungerer, was this week in Auckland Park at the SABC Radio Archives.

SABC Cape Town is planning to appoint a Radio Archivist for the first time, and the archivist will be expected to report to the Principal Librarian in Cape Town. 

Scratched 1943 acetate record sound saved in the SABC Radio Archives

posted 12 Sep 2014, 01:45 by Sabc Media Libraries

A 1943 acetate record with a large scratch was fixed by the SABC Radio Archives' sound engineer, Obakeng Phiri.

It is a 1943 song about "Generaal De la Rey" (composed by C Lamprecht) and sing by Betsy de la Porte. On the 15th of September it is the 100 year anniversary since the South African Boer War general died, and the material is needed from the archives for a tribute programme.

Interview with an intern in the SABC Radio Archives: Akhona Quwe

posted 12 May 2014, 02:43 by Sabc Media Libraries

SABC Radio Archives has acquired the intern services of Akhona Quwe, a qualified sound engineer.

The intern will be here for 8 months to acquire valuable skills, but also to help with the workflows at SABC Radio Archives.

Questions are asked to understand the type of skills that she has to offer, but also to get a better understanding of what she is doing at SABC Radio Archives.

South African National Archives Week 5 -9 May 2014 - SABC Radio Archives busy with 2014 Elections

posted 8 May 2014, 01:08 by Sabc Media Libraries   [ updated 9 May 2014, 01:16 ]

The SABC Radio Archives have been busy with requests for the South African National Elections 2014 this week, which culminated in voting day on 7 May.
It is the same week of National Archives Week from 5 - 9 May 2014.

The theme for National Archives Week is:
“Archives for Democracy, Accountability and Transparency”.


Retha Buys, Springbok radio custodian and archivist, resignation

posted 20 Dec 2013, 04:18 by Sabc Media Libraries   [ updated 20 Dec 2013, 04:19 ]

Retha Buys, Springbok Radio custodian

Retha Buys, archivist and custodian of Springbok Radio Revisited, is leaving the SABC Radio Archives at the end of December 2013.

We had a small function on 5 December in the SABC Radio Archives to say goodbye before everybody break for the holidays.
The photos of the function are here: Retha Buys farewell - SABC Radio Archives

The final goodbye from Retha is here: So Long, and Thank You

We wish you well, Retha!

Copyright vs Accessibility: The Challenge of Exploitation, by Retha Buys and Ilse Assmann

posted 13 Nov 2013, 01:07 by Sabc Media Libraries

This paper was first published in IASA Journal no. 41, September 2013, and seeks ways of enabling exploitation of archive material when little or no information exists regarding copyright.  How do we make the past available for today with little or no information and resources?

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