Moshe Maghundu project to record the full history of Dawid Kruiper

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Dawid Kruiper passed away on 13 June 2012. He was a San elder and leader of the Khoisan community in the southern Kalahari Desert. He was also one of the main players in the land claim by the #Khomani San.

Pops Mohamed Music project for the San at SABC Platfontein

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Moshe Maghundu, Librarian/Archivist at SABC Platfontein, reports about the Pops Mohamed Music Project.

Pops Mohamed is a local South African musician championing the African music culture through the use of indigenous African musical instruments.

Pops Mohamed trained them to use a studio to record the indigenous music of the San culture.

Project Springbok Radio History

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Retha Buys conducted the first of a series of interviews with Springbok Radio collector, 
fundi, and head of the Springbok Radio Preservation Society, Frans Erasmus, on 21 May,
 to ensure preservation of his knowledge, as well as the history of Springbok Radio.

Springbok Radio revisited

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The retrieval and cataloguing of as many Springbok Radio Programs possible, in order to make it available to you, the loyal Springbok Radio listener.  Retha Buys is the custodian of the collection at the SABC Radio Archives.
Retha Buys
Senior Archivist: Eng & Afr requests / Springbok Radio
Tel: +27 11 714 2772E-mail:

Avoid the censored songs

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Justice Muthakhi was involved in the compilation of a CD Avoid - The Censored songs, which is available in the market.
"The South African apartheid era saw many laws that censored or stifled the South African public and creative expression  - the music industry was no exception.
The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the only broadcaster at the time, formed a committee known as the Record Acceptance Committee, to evaluate lyrics before they could be considered for playlisting.
The committee decided what was acceptable to the SABC and therefore to the public, in terms of reference to politics, sex, drugs, blasphemy, religion, profanity and violence. [...]
This collection of songs celebrates banned tracks and artists from the Apartheid era, mostly for their political agendas or references. These songs, initially not given the playlisting they deserved in their time, are platformed here for one and all." (Extract from the inside of the cover)
Tracks on the CD:
  1.  Winds Of Change --- Nona Hendrix
   2.  Pitoli --- Mzwakhe Mbuli
   3.  West Wind --- Miriam Makeba
   4.  Biko --- Peter Gabriel
   5.  Whispers In The Deep --- Stimela
   6.  Oh Lord Why Lord --- Brook Benton
   7.  Black President --- Brenda Fassie
   8.  Why Can't We Live Together --- Timmy Thomas
   9.  Sekuru --- Alec Khaoli
   10.  Unconditional Love --- Donna Summer
   11.  Remake The World --- Jimmy Cliff
   12.  Hapo Zamani --- Miriam Makeba
   13.  Sing Our Own Song --- UB40
   14.  Chant Of The Marching --- Sipho Hotstix Mabuse
   15.  Open Letter To The President --- Roy C

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