X-K FM archivist at the Kalahari Desert Festival

posted 7 Apr 2013, 22:48 by Sabc Media Libraries
By Moshe Maghundu

X-K FM radio station covered the “Desert Festival “in the Kalahari.  The Desert Festival was on the eve of Human Rights Day in South Africa on 20 March 2013 at the //Uruke Bush Camp Adventure grounds.
Moshe Maghundu, as the archivist, got the opportunity to go with the crew and do recordings (thanks to William Heath) for the archives.

He is very grateful for every opportunity he gets to collect material for the X-K FM archive, as he is busy building the archive from scratch. Whenever a San-related event is taking place, he has to make arrangements with his managers to be able to go and collect archive material, whether it be audio, photos, arts or crafts.

He writes these blog posts which is an unique way to capture the history and the culture of the San people.