SABC Knowledge Café with David Gurteen #SABCkcafe

posted 24 Aug 2012, 03:49 by Sabc Media Libraries   [ updated 18 Sep 2012, 00:33 ]
David Gurteen
, the international guru on Knowledge Management, is coming to host a private Knowledge Café for
SABC Media Libraries and SABC Training on 3 September 2012

A knowledge café is a type of organizational workshop which provides for an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest with the aim to share collective knowledge, ideas, and insights and gain a deeper understanding of the subject and issues involved. It therefore provides for learning in a different, creative and open way.

The speaker David Gurteen, a UK–based consultant specializing in knowledge management has over 30 years experience working in high technology industries. He is well known for his Gurteen knowledge cafes and knowledge sharing workshops that he runs regularly in London and around the world. He has agreed to host a workshop for the SABC.

DATE: 03 September 2012