CSI 12 July 2010

posted 1 Sep 2010, 06:22 by Sabc Media Libraries   [ updated 1 Sep 2010, 06:26 ]
Feedback with regards to five important matters:

The InfoBuddy boerewors roll sale:

We had R 1183-90 in the kitty before the InfoBuddy event. Our expenditure for the InfoBuddy was R 444-24., which left us with R 739-66. After the InfoBuddy sale we have R 1698-10 in the kitty.

Linen donation:

We got a wonderful linen donation from the FIFA Organising Committee of UJ. They are donating 200 sets of linen. Each set contains the following: 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 duvet inner, 1 duvet cover, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 1 pillow case and a towel. 150 sets will be delivered to Blessings and 50 sets to the Las Vegas Creche. UJ has offered to deliver the majority of sets to Blessings.

Visit to Blessing on Friday, 16 July:

We will visit the Blessings on Friday, 16 July during the morning and will deliver all the clothing, books and other stuff that you guys have donated. Thank you so much for all the donations! This will be the Media Library’s Mandela Day contribution.

The Las Vegas Creche:

Attached you will see two photos. One is of the existing “jungle gym” and the other one is of a brand new jungle gym, which we would like to buy for the creche. The normal selling price of this unit is R 4390-00, but the suppliers said they will sell it to us for R2750. We already have R1698-10 in the kitty, which means we have a shortfall of R 1051-90. Each committee member has pledged to donate R100-00 towards this, which means that the shortfall will then be only R 551-90. We are now approaching you and asking for pledges, which will enable us to buy this jungle gym for the Creche. The supplier is fully booked and will only be able to deliver and install it during August, which means that we still have time to meet the required amount.

Plans for the rest of 2010:

If we can buy the jungle gym for the Creche and we have delivered the donations to Blessings, we will take a bit of a rest until October/November. We will then start planning little year-end functions at both Blessings and Las Vegas. We will still have our boerewors sales at the end of certain months, but we will keep you posted with regards to this.


(Monica van Deventer)