The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Media Library is the information hub for audio and printed material relating to broadcasting.
The SABC Media Library has valuable collections, available for research, re-use, or repurposing, which is available to both public and production houses subject to copyright clearances.

Manager of the SABC Media Libraries:
Bennie Jacobs

"The Media Libraries has a solid foundation and it is up to us to build on that foundation. We are increasingly faced with the prospect of digitisation. I believe that the time has come that we stop talking about digitisation. We need to act on it. I believe that we can start small, while the organisation is still deciding what to do about digitisation. Starting small and getting it right will be a confidence booster and it will be proof that it can be done. We need to start believing in our own ability to make digitisation happen and take ownership of the process. 
The Media Libraries has been and is still focusing on delivering excellent service to its internal and external clients." 

Recent Events

  • SABC Information Library Socks Drive for Mandela Month #67minutes SABC Information Library Socks Drive for Mandela Month #67minutes.READ MORE
    Posted 1 Aug 2017, 04:44 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • Valentine's Day at the SABC Information Library 2017 The SABC Information Library went big on Valentine's Day this year!READ MORE
    Posted 15 Feb 2017, 00:45 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • "It's your story - Don't lose it!" - World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2016 theme The annual World Day for Audiovisual Heritage will again be hosted worldwide on 27 October.The SABC Radio Archives and the SABC Television New Archives will host an internal activation ...
    Posted 28 Oct 2016, 02:59 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • #AskAnArchivist Day on Twitter Today is the perfect day to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask about the Archives on Twitter:Just add the hashtag #AskAnArchivist and the specific archives you ...
    Posted 5 Oct 2016, 00:32 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • Mandela Day on 18 July Mandela Day is coming up again on 18 July this year.The SABC will  mark Mandela Month and the Nelson Mandela International Day with a number of planned events with ...
    Posted 19 Jul 2016, 05:21 by Sabc Media Libraries
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Recent Projects

  • Moshe Maghundu project to record the full history of Dawid Kruiper Dawid Kruiper passed away on 13 June 2012. He was a San elder and leader of the Khoisan community in the southern Kalahari Desert. He was also one of the ...
    Posted 8 Apr 2013, 03:06 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • Pops Mohamed Music project for the San at SABC Platfontein Moshe Maghundu, Librarian/Archivist at SABC Platfontein, reports about the Pops Mohamed Music Project.Pops Mohamed is a local South African musician championing the African music culture through the use ...
    Posted 7 Nov 2011, 04:07 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • Project Springbok Radio History Retha Buys conducted the first of a series of interviews with Springbok Radio collector, fundi, and head of the Springbok Radio Preservation Society, Frans Erasmus, on 21 May, to ...
    Posted 31 May 2011, 04:46 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • Springbok Radio revisited The retrieval and cataloguing of as many Springbok Radio Programs possible, in order to make it available to you, the loyal Springbok Radio listener.  Retha Buys is the custodian of ...
    Posted 25 May 2011, 05:27 by Sabc Media Libraries
  • Avoid the censored songs Justice Muthakhi was involved in the compilation of a CD Avoid - The Censored songs, which is available in the market.   "The South African apartheid era saw many laws that censored ...
    Posted 27 Jan 2010, 00:26 by Sabc Media Libraries
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