Artist : Nicolas Horvath
Title : Cornelius Cardew Treatise
Format : CD
Label : Sabbathid Records
Tracks : 1
Release Date : Mar 2013

In this album Cornelius Cardew's Treatise, one of the representative works of graphic notation, is interpreted and performed in the framework of Noise / Power Electronics music. The performer Nicolas Horvath is an active pianist and composer acquainted with wide range of musical theory and practice, and indeed has an ample repertoire from Franz Liszt to Philip Glass. Utilizing his knowledge of, and peculiar sensibility to, contemporary music, Horvath constructs abstract, creaking, and dizzying waves of pure electronic noise to reincarnate Cardew's ideas in an entirely new fashion. In this way Horvath try not only to offer another interpretation of Treatise, but also to demonstrate that Harsh Noise can have a real music form. Although the score of Treatise allows performers considerable freedom of interpretation, there seems to have been no attempt to perform this piece in such an absolutely harsh manner as Horvath does. Recommended for all those who are seeking another intriguing form of musical experiment.

Nicolas Horvath at an 
electroacoustic concert.

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