SABAW Media Art Kitchen
SABAW (ˈsā-baw/) media art kitchen was founded in 2005, a not-for-profit organization whose primary interests lie in creation, design, and research-based production towards the imminent intersections of art and technology. Merging and promoting culture centric media in the Southeast Asian region with information and communication shared via modern electronic media. Its headquarters, locally known as the Terminal Garden is located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines, serves as an event venue, work lab, hacker space, and a temporary homestay for visiting artists and performers. The name SABAW was derived from the Tagalog word sabaw which means 'broth' in English, because it promotes flavor rich music, art, and science in the form of visually appealing art installations and functions that not only feeds the mind but also feeds the soul.

SABAW focuses to address the lack of proper dissemination of information in media art, experimental and electronic music, and media culture in South East Asia to the general public and candid exchanges between sub-cultural and academic initiatives. SABAW is also dedicated towards the facilitation, publication and exposure of creative and experimental works of innovative new media artists, interdisciplinary artists, contemporary musician-composers who find it difficult to release their material through more conventional channels. Founded by Tengal in 2005.