The time of Cloud Computing has Come!! Let`s learn SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing.

About SaaS Technology Research

Intelligently connecting SMB Company and SaaS expertise. 

SaaS Technology Research (STR) is the global  IT Research firm. Since 2009, its technology-enabled platform for SaaS collaboration and consultation has helped the world's leading institutions find, engage, and manage SaaS experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines.

SaaS Technology Research Network

SaaS Technology Research Network is a network of SaaS consultants, project managers, developers, engineers, managers, market researchers, and other professionals from around the world. SaaS Technology Research Members leverage STR's sophisticated proprietary systems to categorize their experience and expertise. STR research professionals use these systems to quickly provide relevant Consultant Members who can help clients better understand SaaS products, SaaS services, SaaS companies, issues, and industries.

STR professionals in the United States, Europe, and Asia are continuously expanding the STR Network, adding professional new STR Consultants each month. Research professionals around the world recruit in 5 languages.

Focused on SaaS and Professional Trend Research

SaaS Technology Research focuses exclusively on providing a platform for consultation and collaboration. STR write Research reports for SaaS Technology or take published positions, make SaaS product recommendations or offer SaaS implementation advice.