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Boasting stunning scenery and a diverse range of natural resources, Krabi is one of Thailand ’s most attractive coastal provinces.
Krabi offers numerous pristine beaches, islands, colorful coral reefs and cliffs. The world has already been paying close attention, the province wooing 1.73 million tourists in 2006 following a difficult 2005 post-tsunami year for tourism.
Several of the province’s numerous islands, once used as stopovers or hideaways by pirates, have been transformed into world-class tourist destinations. The province’s steep cliffs overlooking the Andaman Sea attract climbers from around the world.

In Krabi, you can find top-of-the-range 5-star hotels, boutique resorts or down-to-Earth bamboo bungalows all on the same beach. You can opt for fine dining in a high-end restaurant or choose more simple yet tasty local seafood under the shade of a coconut tree.

Geography and history

Located on Thailand ’s West coast, some 814 kilometers from Bangkok , Krabi boasts numerous natural attractions. With up to 130 islands and islets along the Andaman Sea , the province also features impressive mountains, mangroves, cliffs and beaches.
In terms of history, archeologists believe Krabi is one of the country’s oldest settlements, and the province was home to prehistoric homosapiens. The theory has the support of plenty of archaeological evidence discovered in Krabi’s mountains and caves, including examples of stone tools, beads, pottery and human remains. 
By 1,200 A.D., the area was known as ‘Ban Thai Sama’, one of 12 Naksat cities under the Kingdom of Ligor (which lies mainly in what is now Nakhon Si Thammarat province). ‘Naksat’ refers to a duodenary (what does ‘duodenary’ mean? Never heard it used before.) cycle of years, each one marked by an animal. Ban Thai Sama, for example, had a monkey as its emblem.
King Rama V formally named the province Krabi in 1872 and the area was officially ceded from the control of Nakhon Si Thammarat province in 1875.