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Pair Programming

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To join pair programming sessions see the Pair Programming Calendar, and sign up through the Pair Programming Form better yet - join the Google Plus community

1) Ingram Sam - getting set up with LocalSupport, and exploring Gmap4Rails

This was the fix for making the Gmap4Rails migration work: 

rails g migration AddLongLatToContacts latitude:float longitude:float gmaps:boolean

2) Ingram, Michael, Mohammed, Emilie, Sam - refactoring Organizations and getting hung up on Factory Girl


So we were trying to refactor our controller and model related to the search story, so that we didn't have a bit of SQL hanging around in the controller, so started trying to move into Organization model, but got stuck on getting FactoryGirl working

3) Juan, Sam - fixing FactoryGirl and finishing search by keyword refactoring

Completed refactoring committed

4) Marian, Sid, Ingram, Michael, Juan, Sam - looking at install issues and testing gmaps4rails gem

code checked into a branch:


6)  Marian, Juan and Sampriti create user stories, scenarios and cucumber features for local authentication, which will be implemented using devise.
code checked into Juan´s repository at:

Pair Programming #6

8?) Sampriti, Michael, Uku and Sam merge the donation info feature, fix map search bug, and deploy to heroku

9)  Juan, Sampriti, Michael, Pavel and Marian implement sign in feature using devise.  Code checked into Marian's repository at

Pair Programming #9

11?) Marian, Pavel, Michael, Sam, Juan and others working on merging the oauth_branch

Vagrant install of Local Support

Fixing up sampritis rake db seed pull request, and getting ready to merge it by making sure that data with privacy concerns are concealed

Local Support Pair Programming (Making Some Data Private)

Sam, Marian, Risa, Michael, Kevin (finishing up the privacy task, merging Sampriti's db seed)

Sam, Michael, Willy, Sampriti working on refactoring db:seed

Sam Ingram and Michael - more refactoring db:seed

Pavel and Michael reviewing sign out feature

YouTube Video

Pavel and Michael work on Sad Path for edit/add charity address

YouTube Video

Michael and Sam finish the db:seed refactoring