Md Saad-Bin-Alam
Research Assistant
Department of Electrical 
and Computer Engineering  
North South University
Block 15-B, Bashundhara, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.
Mobile: +880-1718-528595
E-mail: saadbinalam.nsu.bd@gmail.com

About Me:

  I have completed my graduation from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

  Currently I am doing research at North South University under the supervision of Dr. Atiqur Rahman. My recent research activities include plasmonic and hybrid plasmonic nano-structures, sub-wavelength imaging through nanorod array, optical waveguides, optical nano-antenna etc. Before that, I worked on RF energy harvesting circuit, narrow and ultra-wideband microwave antenna for different applications in my undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Ms. Sanjida Moury, who is a full-time lecturer (on study leave) at North South University.

Research Interests


-Nano-photonics and opto-electronics                                

-Plasmonics  and Metamaterials                                                            

-Optical/THz/Microwave Antenna and waveguide

-Subwavelength Optical/THz Imaging                                                 

-Plasmonic Thin Film Photovoltaic Cell