Throttle Body Cleaning

FYI: The victim is a 2004 9-5 Aero sedan with 39k miles on it.

Click on images to see full-size.

Tools needed:
-3M Throttle Plate Cleaner
-Flathead Screw Driver
-1/4" Drive Socket Wrench
-7-, 10-, 13mm sockets

This is looking down on the throttle body. Loosen the large hose clamp holding the intake tube to the throttle body (7mm socket):

Remove the bolt securing the intake tube near the exhaust manifold (13mm socket):

I used some rope to hold the intake tube out of the way:

First look into the closed throttle body:

Remove the two bolts securing the throttle cable/spring linkage cover, remove the cover (10mm socket):

Rotating the METAL throttle arm clockwise will open the throttle plate. I wedged an eraser in there to keep it open:

With the throttle plate open the carbon/dirt/crud was much more visible:

I sprayed the toothbrush head with the cleaner and scrubbed. I would recommend not spraying the cleaner directly into the throttle body, as it will dribble into the intake manifold.

Use a LINT FREE rag to wipe out and clean up after the toothbrush.

That's as clean as it's going to get for today:

Fit in reverse order. Take special care not to let engine bay crud fall into the throttle body when re-attaching the intake tube. Also really SNUG the hose clamp up around the intake tube. Under full boost that sucker will pop right off if it's not tight enough and that will not be fun for you. I would recommend carrying the 7mm socket and wrench for a couple days just in case it blows off... I've heard of a lot of people having it come off even after tightening it a lot.

Well my idle vibration didn't get a whole lot better. I did notice that the slight hesitation when shifting between Park/Reverse/Drive is much less noticeable though.