Friday (8/18/2006)

Dallas to Everman :45

Everman - Hickory Stick

Must have – Hot Links and Ribs: I can hardly remember this stop besides the guy on their sign looking like Jimmy Carter. Not a good indication of the quality of the food.

Everman - Longoria's

Must have – Brisket Sausage: Had the brisket sausage and a brisket burger patty. Unique and very flavorfull. Oddly, the two tasted very different but both were good.

Everman to Burnet 4:00 through Crawford

Burnet - Burnet County BBQ

Must have – Brisket, Pork Ribs: Pretty good stuff, a very basic dining experience.

Burnet to Marble Falls :20

Marble Falls - Inmann Ranch House

Must have – Turkey Sausage, Brisket: Didn't make it here before closing. Went on to Austin through Georgetown instead.

Marble Falls to Austin 1:00

Austin - John Mueller's

Must have – Turkey and Ribs: Unfortunately, this place has closed. We went to Stubb's for "dinner". There was nothing bad about their food but it was the worst of the trip.

Saturday (8/19/2006)

Austin to Taylor :45

Taylor - Louie Mueller's

Must have – Brisket: Fantastic brisket. Loads of smoke, tender but not too fatty. This would prove to be the winner by the end.

Taylor - Rudy Mikeska's: A last minute add because it shares a parking lot with Louie Mueller's.

Taylor to Elgin :30

Elgin – Southside BBQ

Must have – Sausage: They bill the hot links as their specialty but they weren't very hot. Otherwise good.

Elgin - Meyer's BBQ

Must have – Garlic Pork Sausage: This sausage wasn't special until paired with their hot sauce.

Elgin - Crosstown BBQ

Must have – Pork Ribs: Best ribs of the trip.

Elgin to Lockhart

Lockhart - Smitty's

Must have – Sausage, Brisket (7:00 to 6:30)

Lockhart - Kreutz's

Must have – Prime Rib, Brisket (10:30 to 8:00)

Lockhart to Luling through Seguin:

Luling - Luling City Market

Must have – Everything and sauce (11:00 to 9:00): Closed before we made it there. This one is on Daniel as he had written it down incorrectly even though the original itinerary had us going here before stopping in Lockhart because of the closing time.

Lockhart - Black's

Austin - BBQ World Headquarters

Must have: Shut down. With no need for more food, we saw Talladega Nights at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Sunday (8/20/2006)

Austin to Llano 1:30

Llano - Laird's BBQ

Must have – Brisket: Very good brisket, ribs and sausage. Open pit out back. Full of families straight from church.

Llano - Cooper's Pit BBQ

Must have – Cabrito, Pork Loin and Sirloin: Average at best.

Llano to Mason

Mason - Cooper's BBQ: Very good

Llano to Glen Rose 3:00

Glen Rose - Hammond's

Must have - ? (Open until 3:00)

Glen Rose - Ranch House

Must have – Smoked Bologna (Open Until 5:00)

Glen Rose to Dallas 1:30