PyUtilS60 v1.00 beta

Utility Program for Symbian Phones

This small python script will perform some usefull fumctions for your symbian mobile phone

1 : Theme Remover

This function allows you to remove themes from your mobile
Usually the theme won't be showing in the application manager to uninstall.

2 : Removed stucked installation files from memory card

3 : Removed unwanted auto start applications.
 This will clear all applications from startup

4 : Clear Real Player history

**Note : Your phone must be hacked and caps off or open4all should be enabled

**This script will remove files from system folders . Use it in your own risk.

** Only tested in Nokia N82 . May not be working in other phones. Please try it and let me know the result

**After the removing the theme using theme remover. If you tried to install the same theme again , first time it will fail to install and you need to try again.

**This is freeware script and you can modify the script as you like.

smart python,
May 23, 2009, 12:51 AM